The real problem with the Democratic Party – its run by Republicans

From the most basic level (the Democratic Town Committee) all the way to the top (the DNC), the party has been hijacked by the right. People in leadership positions at all levels advocate the same failed policy and push the same bogus talking points as the right wingers – they are one in the same.

The slow lurch to the right began in the 70’s. After the civil rights movement and subsequent civil rights act, the Democratic Party lost their historic support base, the South. No longer able to rely on the South for a guaranteed congressional majority, they resorted to corporate cash. This was the beginning of the end.

Soon the Democrats went full corporate with the inception of the Democratic Leadership Council. The New Democrats were born and began espousing the “Third Way” philosophy of liberal policy towards social issues and conservative stances for economics. The act of “triangulation” was perfected by Bill Clinton, who was able to wreak more damage on the regulatory structure and social safety net than any Republican could ever get away with, under the guise of a social liberal. Obama continued with the neoliberal policies that have all but destroyed the middle class of this county while increasing income inequality, environmental degradation, and winner take all capitalism.

Today we have a generation of “leaders” in the Democratic Party who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the Third Way kool aid. They push identity politics at all costs and prevent any talk of government action to influence the highly monopolized and exploitive “markets”. Gone are the days of FDR’s progressivism or the Democratic party’s populist roots. Today’s Democrat is to the right of Eisenhower, but since they support marriage equality they are self proclaimed super liberals. These people don’t know what a liberal democrat is.