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Registering to vote for a major party and voting in the primaries is how we eliminate bad incumbents like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Are you registered to vote in the primaries?

Are you running for office?

The deadline to register to vote for 2018 midterms ( yes that’s right 2018 midterms) is now for many states. Make sure you’re registered and turn out to vote. When we show up progressives win big!

The entire point of infiltration is voting bad incumbents out of the parties and taking them over. We have a wave of progressive candidates running in the primaries that dwarfs the Tea party takeover. We need progressives registered to vote in the primaries to win elections.

We’re starting to see even money isn’t an issue when progressives vote in the primaries. If people don’t vote in the primaries bad incumbents will continue to win.

“Out West in New Mexico, Brian Colón, state Democratic Party chair, lost spectacularly in a run-off election for mayor of Albuquerque, despite out-raising his Our Revolution-backed opponent Tim Keller, with over $800,000 in his campaign coffer. The final run-off election will be on November 14.”

“General election voters might award the winner, but primary voters are the ones who set up the match, and that’s a decision that should be made by more than just 5 percent of the people.

So, in the end, if you think that your opinion and your vote doesn’t matter, think again! The people in office now are making decisions that will affect your life now and later! This is why it’s important to get involved and be heard now. Let your vote be counted.”