I am sick and tired of the phony corporate “leftism” that is pumped out in this country

Apple is not “liberal” – Steve jobs and his company made billions of dollars ruthlessly exploiting child labor and destroying the environment

Facebook is not “left” – Zuckerberg, by all accounts, stole the idea from others. They do not respect their users privacy and take all your information as their own. They sell ads to anyone regardless of truth or purpose

Amazon is not “liberal” – Bezos is the modern day Rockefeller. Amazon’s tactics and strategies are right out of the monopolists playbook. He pits cities and states against one another in order to get tax credits and his slave labor shops built for free, despite being one of the wealthiest people in the planet.

Google is not “liberal” – googles information monopoly is without competition. They actively lobby the government to make sure they are safe from antitrust laws and labor laws.

These companies and their owners are all brutal capitalists. They put up a facade of liberalism by speaking flowery statements about gay rights or banning the use of the word fag. Behind the curtain is the same old right wing, anti worker, anti human ideology that is always present in the capitalist system. Brutally exploit everyone and everything to maximize profits.