For the first time in United States History since Labor Secretary Francis Perkins urged Franklin Delano Roosevelt to include Universal healthcare in the Social Security Act of 1935 (The only plank that Francis Perkins demanded of FDR if she was to become Labor Secretary that did not get through) Full Medicare For All is starting to become a real possibility.

You are going to hear arguments from ALL Republicans and many Democrats that “Capitalist Market based Solutions are best”

This is erronious to anyone who understands the history of Capitalism and has read Economist Micheal Hudson, the original Classical Economists like Adam Smith said that you needed to get rid of the Parasetic element in the economy for it to work efficiently.

All “For-Profit” Insurance of any type is parasetic because it drains income from Workers and Firms into the pockets of Idlers that do nothing.

A Publically funded system through Taxation is much more efficient as there is no profit motive.