The idea of an Insurance mandate for Healthcare began under the Nixon Administration as a counter proposal to the Democrats and specifically Ted Kennedys proposal of Medicare For All, the current Affordable Care Act was originally a plan drafted by the Heritage Foundation that is a corporate-funded Think-Tank for the Republican Party, the ACA was supported by Republicans in the 1990s including Bob Dole and New Gingrich as a counter-proposal to what Bill Clinton was proposing which was also an insurance mandate, The ACA a thinly veiled subsidy to the private insurance industry (FIRE Sector) was always a right-wing idea, since the Democrats of today are ideologically where Richard Nixon was in 1970 and argueably even further to the right, it was the Democrats that got the Insurance mandate system passed, so at that point the Republicans were against it, essentially becuase a Democratic President passed it, according to all the Republican fog-horns its a “Socialist” bill which is utterly laughable.