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Richard Nixon ~ 76 indictments, 55 convictions, 15 sent to prison.
Gerald Ford ~ 1 indictment, 1 conviction, 1 sent to prison.
Jimmy Carter ~ 1 indictment, no convictions, nobody sent to prison.
Ronald Reagan ~ 26 indictments, 16 convictions, 8 sent to prison.
George H.W. Bush ~ 1 indictment, 1 conviction, 1 sent to prison.
Bill Clinton ~ 2 indictments, 1 conviction, 1 sent to prison.
George W. Bush ~ 16 indictments, 16 convictions, 9 sent to prison.

Barack Obama ~ ZERO indictments, ZERO convictions, ZERO sent to prison.

Donald Trump ~ Just 15 months in, it looks like Reagan’s and Nixon’s records are going to be TRUMPED.

Mueller is a Republican.

Rosenstein is a Republican.

Comey is a Republican.

McCabe is a Republican.

Make no mistake, there’s no ‘liberal’ conspiracy going on. Trump’s just a criminal.

1. Russians launder $230 Million into NY real estate including Trump properties.
2. Russian lawyer feuding with Putin tips off US authorities.
3. Preet Bharara opens investigation into Racketeering and money laundering including members of Trump family and Manafort.
4. Sessions fires Bharara
5. Russian lawyer who was to testify in case assassinated in street in Ukraine.
6. FBI arrests 2 Turkish bankers representing Russians who immediately hire Giuliani’s law firm.
7. Giuliani tries to circumvent local prosecutors and goes to Comey looking for a deal.
8. Comey not interested. Grand Jury hands down indictments.
9. Trump wants Comey to close Russia investigation
10. Comey not interested
11. Trump fires Comey
12. Sessions announces that Department of Justice “settled” the case with the racketeering and money laundering perpetrators by paying a fine, so there will be no trial. DOJ and witnesses scheduled to testify for the government shocked!
13. Acting FBI Director appoints Special Counsel Mueller before Sessions and Trump appoint new director of FBI for fear of “settling” Russian probe as well.
14. The lawyer who represented the Russian money launderer is the same one who met with Trump Jr.
15. There was another person who attended the meeting: a former member of Russian counter intelligence now a Russian Lobbyist. (Trump Lawyers lied about who attended meeting as well as the details.).
16. Newt Gingrich now added to the investigation for setting up the meeting.
17. Kushner updates his FS86 Security Clearance form for a third time. Seems he just remembered over 100 contacts with foreigners during the campaign and transition. He submitted the first two accounts under the penalty of Perjury and will eventually be charged.
18. Manafort retroactively registers as a foreign agent.
19. Peter Smith Republican operative who claimed to work for Flynn and was in contact with Russian Hackers seeking Clinton emails committed suicide after speaking with the press and admitting to his role.
20. Trump lawyers release five different versions of the meeting along with reversing the statement that “Trump did not know about the meeting”. Trump suddenly remembered something was said about it.
21. Trump Jr’s attempt at transparency came only after the NY Times sent copies of his emails to the White House seeking comment. They asked for a delay in release, which was granted by the Times. They then released the info before the Times could.
22. Rupert Murdoch now shows up as a person of interest due to a company called Genie Energy and his need for Putin’s ok to develop reserves in Occupied Syria!
23. Fox News runs with story that Comey’s notes, which were released contained classified Information. Blasted it out all day from all venues. Trump then tweeted the same. 15 hours later they had to retract it as a lie. No one was fired or resigned.
24. Brian McCauley, Fox News contributor and former FBI agent who made up negative stories about Clinton that was spread by FOX and Russian trolls and bots to key states was on Flynn’s payroll during the campaign and also retracted the stories as being false. No repercussions at Fox.
25. Fox News pundit Wayne Simmons claiming to be CIA agent was arrested, charged and sent to prison for impersonating an agent. He created numerous lies about Clinton over 12 years of broadcasts.