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Robert Reich

Trump and the other American oligarchs are celebrating the rampaging bull of Wall Street. The stock market is soaring in anticipating of even bigger corporate profits to come – because of Trump’s giant corporate tax cut and his slashing of environmental, consumer, labor, and health and safety regulations. The oligarchs are raking in most of the benefits. Most Americans don’t own any shares of stock.

Meanwhile, 1 out of 5 American kids are in poverty. Public schools are decaying. Our infrastructure is crumbling. The environment is worsening. Most workers haven’t had a raise in 35 years; they have no job security and no unemployment benefits. 22 million Americans have no health coverage, and because of the new tax law 13 million more will lose coverage.

But the profits will stop, because there won’t be enough people with enough money to buy all the goods and services corporations can produce. And when the music stops, the stock market will crash. And what will the oligarchs do then?