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Keith Ellison

Let’s not kid ourselves: the new Muslim Ban is still a Muslim Ban. Yes, it’s lawyered up a bit, but that’s all. While the Administration made some token changes to its original Muslim Ban in order to try and appease the courts, the intent is the same. Trump called for this ban in the Presidential primary, stuck with it during the General Election, stated he would pursue it before his Inauguration, and implemented it a week after taking office. Only when it was defeated in the courts did he tweak this order.

Just like the previous Executive Order, this new order seeks to ban people from entering our country because of their religion. Plain and simple. The U.S. Constitution says religious tests and bans are wrong. The new Muslim Ban may not ban all Muslims, but the people who are banned are banned for being Muslim.

Any such ban violates our Constitution and is at odds with our founding principles.