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While you all “remember” George H. W. Bush, perhaps we should all remember some of the things he and his family did:

His father Prescott was a financial backer of Hitler and the Nazis

In 1934, Prescott was involved in planning of the “Business Plot”, an organization composed of wealthy industrialists and Wall Street tycoons who tried to overthrow FDR and install a fascist dictatorship in America

This is the man who built the Bush empire.

George H.W. was Prescott’s son.

In his first camapign for U.S Senate, he actively campaigned against civil rights legislation that was being debated at the time.

He helped the John Birch Society, a far right organization funded by big business, to infiltrate and eventually take control of the Republican Party

He served as director of the CIA at a time in which the CIA was overthrowing democratically elected governments left and right.

As CIA director, and during his tenure with the national security apparatus, he advocated for and supported Operation Condor, a covert military operation to fund right wing death squads in Latin America to install military dictatorships throughout South America.

He openly supported Augusto Pinochet, the brutal dictator of Chile, who was installed after a CIA backed coup overthrew their democratically elected government in 1973

He was Reagan’s Vice President, serving in one of the most anti-worker / pro rich presidencies in our history.

He won the presidency with blatant overt racism displayed by the “Willie Horton ad”

He did nothing as the AIDS crisis escalated and reached a peak under his presidency.

He sanctioned the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam, only months before declaring war on Iraq because they…invaded Kuwait

He sold the first Iraq war to the American public with a mountain of lies and propaganda, a trick soon to be repeated by his son W

He was a war criminal. Under his command U.S troops deliberately bombed civilian populations and critical infrastructure such as Iraqi water treatment, electrical grid, and food processing facilities in order to inflict maximum damage. A clear violation of international law.

He was involved in CIA drug running operations, brining cocaine into the US to fund covert operations in South America.

He illegally sold weapons to the Iranians to funnel money to an illegal war in South America – Iran Contra

He pardoned six defendants in the Iran contra scandal. A trial in which he would have been called to court to testify

He escalated the war on drugs and fanned the flames of racism with the “crack cocaine” scare.

He was accused of groping 8 different woman, and saying sexually demeaning comments to them

This is the real legacy of George H W Bush. As the media pretends he was nice man because he held the door for people, or shook hands with the common man, let’s remember the real Bush. He was no saint, he don’t oversee a “kinder gentler America”. He was a racist, war criminal, who illegally overthrew foreign governments and trafficked drugs and weapons to fund covert operation. Let’s stop pretending we need to worship people like this.