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Gassing people at the border is appalling, but what was done to the Dakota Access protestors on our own soil was much worse.

When liberals talk about how “unprecedented” this is, let’s remember a mere two years ago when government forces were using chemical weapons on American citizens, attacking them with dogs, shooting at them, and spraying them with water cannons in below freezing conditions while they protested an illegal pipeline construction on their own land. Oh and let’s not forget who was President then either.

Let’s not forget the brutal beatings and mass arrests of the Occupy Movement. Let’s not forget the gassings and crack downs by riot police at the WTO protests. Let’s not forget our entire history of jailing, punishing, and destroying the dissenters, the immigrants, and the poor.

This is nothing new under Trump. Trump is just carrying on with an American tradition. A tradition of cracking down on protest, dissent, and poor people looking for the American dream. The same tradition carried out by Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr…..etc…etc