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Rosa Clemente

I vote. I am opposed to vote shaming. There is a reason why half the country does not vote. We need to ask why and figure it out. Voting does not make you a better citizen especially if you are not politically educated. I vote. I understand voter suppression. I vote. I ran for office. I vote. I do not shame non-voters. I vote and because I vote as a Green Party member I have been shamed by so many especially Democrats. I vote and because I do not participate in the corporate duopoly the emails of hate and venom are real. Apparently we are the reason Hillary Clinton lost the last election. Many are putting all their hopes and dreams into the so called Blue wave. I think things will level out if the Democrats win but when I say level out I mean that the attacks on all of us won’t be as fast, furious or bombastic. The Democrats are very good at acting like they care about working class people of color, poor people, anyone not in the 1%. In our heart of hearts we know the truth especially if you are involved in movements. I know the knee jerk reaction is to believe that if we put people in power that look like us things will get better. But it is the people that look like us that have inflicted much damage in our communities. I heard Executive Director of Mijente Mijente Members Marisa Franco brilliantly stated a few months ago ”Right now our communities need harm reduction” and I believe she is 100% correct. We need an all hands on deck mentality right now but we also need massive political education and a reengagement in grassroots organizing. What will happen with this Blue wave if it even transpires? History has shown that the Democratic party is spineless, always capitulates, uses us for votes and always compromises. They don’t fear their constituents because no mechanisms of accountability exist. While Democrats seek to work across the aisle, the Republicans have abandoned the aisle and are going all in to inflict more pain and misery against the majority of the people. What then? How do we move forward? How do we challenge power in all it’s forms? What does freedom actually look like? These are questions I am asking myself as I try to envision and put forth visions and solutions.