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Just got done knocking doors for a local senate candidate. Most people were disinterested, some were rude, and others were outright assholes. On at least two occasions I asked “what issues are important to you?” Both had the same glazed over look on their face. One blatantly said “I don’t really care about anything”.

Don’t care about anything?!? With everything going on in this world, government corruption, environmental degradation, endless war, inequality, madmen ruling the world – and you don’t fucking care about ANYTHING? This is what our country is. A bunch of mindless sheep, trodding along in the rat race.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some macho meat head opens the door and starts screaming at me. “I’m a marine WE DONT VOTE!!” “Get the fuck off my door”. So much for protecting our democracy and freedom. This is #WhoWeAre