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Remember when the Republicans nearly repealed the ACA and sought to end pre-existing condition protections? We do. #MedicareForAll

“In fact this pattern of voting and ignoring their constituents is a decidedly odd-numbered year phenomenon. On Capitol Hill these odd-numbered years are referred to as off-years because they are non-election years for Congress. And, not surprisingly, they are when unpopular votes like ACA repeal often occur. Members can vote to end pre-existing condition protections and roll back health care coverage for 20 million Americans in an odd year, like 2017, and hope those votes will be forgotten by the time even years, like 2018, come along.”

Republicans hoped voters would forget they tried to kill Obamacare. They bet wrong.

Republicans avoided constituents after trying to kill the Affordable Care Act and pre-existing condition protections. They bet on voter amnesia and lost.