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Medicare for all would cost less while covering every single American with quality healthcare. Medicare for all WILL SAVE MONEY. $2 trillion saved over ten years while covering every single person sounds like a bargain to me!

“According to the Mercatus model, total health spending would actually come in approximately $303 billion lower in 2031 than under current projections, with $7.35 trillion going to healthcare that year versus the $7.65 trillion currently expected. Total national health spending would be $2 trillion lower between 2022 and 2031 under the Medicare for All plan, according to the report.”

That study going around on Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan comes with a big catch — the US would actually be saving money overall on healthcare

A new report showed that Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan would cause healthcare costs for the federal government to skyrocket, but would also end up saving the entire country money.