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Alison Hartson is running to Primary Senator Dianne Feinstein on a progressive platform focused on getting money out of politics. Share and support.

A new dawn, a new day

While there are many motivators for candidates – there’s usually just one that truly drives them.

For me, it’s making sure that the working class has one of their own seated at the table.

I’m running for the U.S. Senate because California deserves a true progressive who is unbeholden to corporate special interests and big money politics.

If we hope to flip the script on our politics, we have to go about it differently. That’s why our campaign is not taking a dime from corporations or their PACs.

The system as it currently stands leaves far too many of us out in the cold. We’re going to be campaigning with a new play, talking politics in a new way and organizing for a new day.

Take a look at our launch video.

We’re just getting started.

Alison Hartson