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There once was a man who ran for president, promising to bring great change to our country.

He said he would hold the bankers accountable, but instead he packed his cabinet with them and catered to them. He promised to raise taxes on the wealthy, but he then cemented their tax cuts in place. He would renegotiate previous trade deals that hollowed out the American manufacturing base, but instead he appointed corporate hacks to streamline outsourcing.

He would crack down on the pharmaceutical monopolies who were inflating drug prices and gouging consumers on life saving devices. He would end our unjust wars that were draining our treasury and instead invest in our decrepit infrastructure. Instead he expanded the wars. He promised to be strong on civil liberties, but he attacked journalists and jailed whistleblowers. He sat by as voting rights were attacked, protestors were attacked, and the climate was attacked.

Despite all of this, his loyal followers still blindly pledged allegiance to him. So my question to you is, am I talking about Donald Trump or Barack Obama?