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*Bold Prediction*

Ray Moore will win the senate seat in Alabama and legions of democrats will scream in bewilderment. The democrats have chosen to run the same exact campaign for Doug Jones as they did for Jon Osoff and Clinton.

Talking about how bad your opponent is DOES NOT WORK!!! How many elections must be lost before people realize this? I guess it’s easier to talk badly about a pedophile than stand up to the powerful monopolists, Wall Street criminals, and war profiteers – how brave to take a firm stance against pedophilia.

The Democrats will never win outside of the elite centers until they return to the populist tradition they once championed. Higher wages, shorter work days, industrial protection, anti trust, anti monopoly, pro labor, pro worker, paid leave time, pro consumer, anti corruption. This is what people want.

Maybe the Dems should run on this instead of ushering in fascism in this country.