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In the United States of America, there is no LOGICAL REASON why Healthcare or Education should be considered “For-Profit Enterprises”.

$100 Billion would make all Further Education Tuition Free up to a PhD (An Educated Labor Force is the most important thing a Nation can have in the 21st Century)

As for Healthcare, we have 140 Years of Emperical Evidence since the Bismark Reforms of Germany, that Universal, Compulsery, Public Health Insurance that everyone pays into, with no profit seeking, running at an overhead of no more than 5% of its revenue blows Private for Profit Health Insurance out of the Water, I would go even further stating that the British National Health Service which essentially operates like the Military with Medical Facilities being State Owned and Medical Professionals being Civil Servents is the Best of All Systems.

I would go further and say that much of the “Insurance Industry” should be Operated by the State and publically owned, for instance Car Insurance could be made public and Included in the Private when you qualify to Drive on Public Roads. Supplementary Private Insurance can exist strictly on a non-Profit Basis, but even this is not necercery.

The same with Public Utilities, Energy Production and Distribution, Water, Transport, Ports, Airports, the Private Sector need not be involved in these Sectors that should be Public and Part of “The Commons”.

The Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Sector is essentially parasitic, produces nothing of Value and must be kept to an absolute Minimum to serve the Public Good. Going further, the United States of America should return to the Corporate Situation of the pre-1880s, when Corporations were created by Legislation, were creatures of Law with Specific Purposes and could only be created as “Artifical Persons” if they could prove they would serve the Public Good.

“Artificial Persons” are servents of “Natural Persons” and Society at Large and have no Place in Influencing Politics that is the Realm of “Natural Persons” and “The Commons”.
Abolish “Corporate Personhood” forever, via an Amendment to the US Constitution that specifically Sets in Stone that the Constitution applies only to “Natural Persons”, and that “Artificial Persons” are not entitled to any Rights and only Privileges set down by enacted Legislation.