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The student debt burdens many Millennials face will lead to wide sweeping repercussions for the future of our country. The inability to save money, plan for retirement, start a family, invest in property or to chase entrepreneurial pursuits will have disastrous outcomes on not only the individual, but the economy and society at large. It wont happen overnight, but over the course of decades. If one’s wealth is defined as all of your assets minus your debt, then we are facing a generation of whom many will have negative wealth. In a not too distant past, many states and the country in general invested public money in education because education was and is a social good. We can do this again. We believe in a merit-based tuition free public college education for all. Take pride in education and be wary of anyone who downplays its significance.

Millions of young people are leaving college with massive amounts of debt. We should be investing in our young people, not giving tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations. That is why I introduced the College for All Act to make public colleges and universities tuition-free.