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You can either pirate a ship or build a new one. I have tried to build a few ships in my day, and have yet to take sail. I’m ready to try to take one over now, are you?

“The process of taking over a party that has been colonized by neoliberalism and by the interests of economic elites who do not want to change is in an extremely difficult one. Anybody who’s waiting to hear “oh you guys were right after all” — it’s not going to go down that way. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting. It just means you have to approach it as a battle for the soul of, not just the party, but the country.”

FOCUS | Naomi Klein: Progressives Must Continue the Fight to Take Over the Democratic Party

Excerpt: There are a lot of political spaces where it is possible for progress to happen whether at the sub-national level in the United States, internationally or just in movement spaces.