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A candidate who seemingly does not exist, Rodney Stooksbury, got more votes than Jon Osoff. Osoff and the DCCC spent $30 million on the GA 6 district race. Stooksbury spent $0, didn’t campaign, and doesn’t exist. He got more votes than Osoff….

“Nancy Pelosi, who has publicly refused to acknowledge that there are any systemic problems with the way Democrats do things, should have resigned long ago. The party has been hemorrhaging seats in Congress and state legislatures for years, losing power in state after state, with no plan for getting it back. Anyone anywhere near the top of the party who refuses to acknowledge how dire things are needs to be forced out immediately.”

Ghost Candidates Are Not Acceptable | Current Affairs

As far as I know, Rodney Stooksbury is an actual living human being. I have even spoken with someone who has spoken with someone who