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I really can’t believe all the people who are foaming at the mouth in hatred of trump refuse to assign any blame to Obama or Clinton.

Obama touring the country trying to pass the TPP while trade was a top issue during the election damaged the Democrats chances immensely. Beyond that, his failures to prosecute a single criminal banker after the financial crash, or provide any change whatsoever gave us Trump.

Clinton literally had her operatives in the media “elevate” Trump during the GOP primary. Hillary and her team thought Trump would be the easiest to beat in the general, so they pushed him along until he won the nomination. Meanwhile, the DNC and Hillary did everything in their power to steal the nomination from Sanders. Voter purges, keeping an abnormal amount of polls closed on primary days, caucus rigging, media smears, decreased number of debates, and funneling money from State parties into her coffers all did Sanders in.

Obamas lack of change and bad policies, coupled with Hillary’s campaign rigging and unpopularity ARE WHY WE HAVE TRUMP!

Books have been published on this. Thousands of articles written on this have been circulated. Even Democratic think tanks and party operatives admit this. It’s been six months since the election, and people are still not getting it. The Republic is doomed, not from trump though. From an electorate that is more concerned with partisan point scoring than truth or justice.

Liberal democrats always say they care about the downtrodden. They are supposed to be the party that stands up for the little guy, they are supposed to be the open minded folks who care for those less fortunate. Yet when it comes to our fellow Americans struggling in rural America or the rust belt, these very same people call them rednecks, rubes, and idiots.