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Populism will win in rural states

“Quist is running as a populist and supports a single-payer health care system, but his campaign bristles at comparisons to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), whom Quist backed in the Democratic presidential primary. In his first TV ad, launched Tuesday, he calls single-payer “health care we can afford.” He’s ardently pro-choice and opposes defunding Planned Parenthood, framing it as a fight against government intrusion into people’s personal lives. He understands climate change, but couches his belief with the exact same anecdote used by Zinke ― a story about watching the ice in Glacier National Park recede year after year.”

A Montana Special Election Could Deal A Huge Blow To Trump — But Democrats In Washington Are Staying Away

Big Sky Country Democrats are running a legendary folk singer with a populist flair against a cartoon plutocrat. Why won’t the national party pay attention?